Eco-Friendly Document Shredding Services

Does your business deal with sensitive documents that can’t simply be thrown out with the regular trash? You’re not alone. There are many financial services companies, medical offices, legal firms, and similar businesses here in Greenwich, CT with the same problem. Luckily, there’s a local company you can turn to for safe and secure document shredding services: On-Site Shredding.

Whether your business is a legal firm, hospital, or human resources company, On-Site Shredding provides environmentally responsible document shredding services. You can rest easily when you choose us!
We’ll make sure that your documents are thoroughly destroyed so that your firm’s, clients’, or patients’ data is safe.

Hard Drive Destruction Services & Electronics Recycling

Here in Greenwich, CT, many companies are choosing to go paperless to reduce their carbon footprints. However, there is still the question of privacy when it comes to digital medical records, attorney records, and other confidential material. Even if you have disposed of an older computer, data might still be retrievable from its hard drive. Plus, throwing electronics into the regular trash can completely negate all the environmental good you did by going paperless.

Instead of worrying about it, just pick up the phone and call On-Site Shredding to get started. We offer hard drive destruction services and electronics recycling. We’ll take care of everything, so you can go about your regular business!

See why we’re one of the most trusted document shredding and hard drive destruction companies in Greenwich, CT.
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