Document Shredding and Electronics Recycling in Westchester, NY

Here in Westchester County, high tech isn’t the way of the future – it’s the way of the present. We’re proud to host headquarters for companies ranging from IBM to ITT Inc. But when you’re developing the technology of the future, it’s essential to keep your research, client data, and other sensitive information a secret in the present.

For that, turn to On-Site Shredding. We serve Westchester County, NY with a wide range of electronics recycling, hard drive destruction services, and document shredding services. We can supply attractive containers to hold your paper documents or electronic components until it’s time for shredding or recycling. Your data will be kept safe until it’s time for it to be fully destroyed.

Save Your Employees Time and Preserve Your Bottom Line

Workers in the greater Westchester County, NY area tend to be very skilled and quite good at what they do. You’re paying your employees to use their knowledge and expertise to further your business goals, not to sit around shredding documents. Everyone at your organization has better ways to spend their time than shredding documents and maintaining shredders.

Outsourcing document destruction to On-Site Shredding saves your organization time and money. We take care of it all; all your employees have to do is drop documents in the designated containers. They can then spend their time doing the jobs you’re paying them to do, building value for your organization.

We invite you to learn more about why so many businesses in Westchester, NY have turned to On-Site Shredding for complete shredding solutions. Our crews are proud to serve this area, and we’d be happy to put together a customized solution for your business. Call us today to get started!