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Document Shredding, Recycling & Hard Drive Destruction

Three-Step Process

With the rise of businesses in CT and NY, our team saw the need to help protect their confidential information with a service that makes document disposal efficient and effective,


Upon the arrival of On-Site Shredding, an easily identifiable Shredding Officer will enter the client company’s facility to collect data for destruction.


This data will be brought to our mobile paper shredding and recycling truck where the client may witness the destruction of all the office’s sensitive materials.


The client will then receive a Certificate of Destruction upon the completion of destruction/shredding.

National Association for Information Destruction
NAID® is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services.
NAID's mission is to promote the information destruction industry and the standards and ethics of its member companies.

Secure Document Destruction Services & Junk Removal for Stamford, CT & the Surrounding Areas

Ensure that any documents you wish to be destroyed are completely and securely destroyed. When you rely on On-Site Shredding, you can be sure that your information is protected. Don’t take risks by shredding yourself. Give us a call to learn more about our secure document destruction services. We help businesses in the Norwalk, Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Wilton, Westport, Fairfield, Southport, Stratford, Weston, Newtown, Danbury, Ridgefield, Trumbull, Monroe, Bridgeport, Shelton, and Fairfield, CT areas as well as Westchester, White Plains, Tarrytown, and Elmsford, NY areas.


Secure Hard Drive Destruction Services

We also offer hard drive destruction services. If you have old hard drives that have confidential information on them, rely on OnSite Shredding to dispose of them in an appropriate manner. The only way to ensure that the information on the hard drive is completely destroyed is to physically destroy the hard drive and render it useless. Give us a call to learn more about our secure hard drive destruction services.

Mobile Document Shredding

For many customers, mobile document shredding services make a big difference. Mobile document shredding offers the same safe and secure chain of custody as our offsite services while remaining at your location. Our professionals will come to your facility and empty your secure, locked consoles, then deliver their contents to our mobile shredding truck that will be waiting onsite. Our equipment and processes are completely secure, allowing your confidential documents and paperwork to be safely destroyed without disclosing any information. We use the most up-to-date equipment and extensively train our staff to ensure your documents' unbroken security. Reach out to our professionals to learn more about our mobile document shredding services!


In service to the planet, On-Site Shredding is proud to also offer a variety of recycling services. This is a great way to dispose of any unused and unwanted electronics that may contain sensitive and confidential information. Electronic waste, also known as E-Waste, can contain various amounts of toxic and hazardous materials such as steel, lead, cadmium, and mercury. If not disposed of properly these materials can find their way to landfills, eventually being burned, and exposed to the air we breathe. Through our document shredding and hard drive destruction services, we’re able to properly recycle and break down any unwanted electronics you may have. The process includes sorting, shredding, and the removing of any metal materials that may be present such as steel, iron, or lead. If you are interested in learning more about our document destruction service or our recycling solutions, we welcome you to give us a call. Our team is proud to serve those throughout Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, and Fairfield, CT.

* Each business has different regulations regarding what to shred.
Please contact your Legal Department or Human Resources Department for specifics in your industry.

Need Ideas Of What To Shred?

▶︎ Social Security Numbers
▶︎ Insurance Information
▶︎ Doctor/Nurse Notes
▶︎ Patient Related Documents
▶︎ Payment Information
▶︎ Tax Records
▶︎ Proposals
▶︎ Prescription Information
▶︎ Credit Card Information
▶︎ Identification Badges

▶︎ Education Information
▶︎ Contact Information
▶︎ Marketing Plans
▶︎ Organizational Charts
▶︎ Photographs
▶︎ Computer Reports
▶︎ Cancelled Checks
▶︎ Contracts
▶︎ Client Quotes


Service You Can Count On!

Services that are safe and secure.
On-Site Shredding helps businesses in the Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, CT and Westchester, NY area keep their data protected. You can have the peace of mind knowing your confidential information is being completely and securely destroyed.

Removing E-Waste from your life. Electronics only live for so long. On-Site Shredding also offers electronic recycling for your computers, stereos, and more that are ready to go.

We monitor your shredding output.
On-Site Shredding will monitor your service frequency and container capacity in order to maximize our value to your company.

Hard Drive Destruction
The Hard Drive Secured Collection Cart is designed with a slot for easy disposal and is secured with an external hasp locking system. This strong and durable cart offers up to 250 lbs of holding capacity and has a 5-year warranty.



Our Document Shredding Secure Containers

At On-Site Shredding, we take a comprehensive approach to service. Not only do we provide a full suite of document destruction services, but we offer an array of contemporary containers to guarantee the safety of your sensitive ephemera. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the market for discreet consoles or lockable security carts, we’re sure to feature the perfect products at a highly competitive rate.

Benefits to our Document Destruction Service Containers

With our document destruction service, the containers that are placed inside your business provide many advantages. They are not obtrusive and do not stick out, easily fitting into many tight spaces. This gives you the accessibility and versatility to store it anywhere throughout your facility. The lids and doors of our containers are lockable so only authorized staff can access the documents inside. A letter slot is an aperture by which papers are placed within, thus it is too small for a hand to reach in and take them back out. This security benefit is undeniable for companies across CT and Westchester County NY.

These carts and consoles provide easy maneuverability, along with tamper-evident doors to ensure your ultimate peace of mind. As always, you’re more than welcome to contact our knowledgeable representatives with any further questions. Our team is always standing by to lend a helping hand!

Container Questions?
If you have any questions about our containers or which ones you need for your business, give us a call at: 1-800-340-7632

Security Container Benefits

• No shredder to purchase • No shredder to maintain •  No employee wages to pay • No wasted time shredding • No plastic bags to purchase • No disposal of bulky material • No dirt or dust to clean un • No loss of confidentiality

Help Preserve the Environment!

Paper & Cardboard Recycling Paper is one of the most widely recycled materials in the U.S. Paper recycling is one of the best examples of how we as a society are working to protect our environment and are part of a circular economy. The industry is investing in recycling infrastructure and encouraging recycling best practices.

PAPER RECYCLING BY THE NUMBERS Americans recycle a lot of paper! Paper recovered for recycling in the U.S. in 2022 would fill more than 4,000 Washington Monuments. According to the U.S. EPA, more paper by weight is recovered from municipal solid waste streams for recycling than plastic, glass, steel and aluminum combined. 94% of Americans have access to community paper recycling programs. Paper recycling is a success story and paper products are part of the recycling solution.

• 67.9% of paper was recycled in the U.S. in 2022
• 93.6% of cardboard was recycled in the U.S. in 2022
• About 80% of U.S. mills use recycled fiber

Outsourcing Works.

Save time and money by outsourcing tasks, your employees can focus on getting their jobs done..

Lower your overhead if you are currently managing your own data destruction.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that highly trained professionals are handling your data destruction.